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Rasgos diferenciales entre el inglés y el castellano

I found this book excerpt really helpful for beginning to clarify some of the differences between Spanish and English. It is adapted from the Manual de traducción inglés-castellano.


“Se llenan la boca”

This tripped me up in the news translation I did recently:

“Las acciones recientes de algunos congresistas que se llenan la boca diciendo que son pro inmigrantes…”

The best translations of “llenarse la boca” I could find are:
“boast of”
“boast about”
“talk a lot about”

If you have a better translation, please share it!

News Translation #1: “In Houston, DREAMers Divided Over Different Tactics”

This is a Spanish to English translation. The original Spanish text of the article can be found below the translation. As always, any correction/feedback is welcome and much appreciated!

“In Houston, DREAMers Divided Over Different Tactics”
By Gustavo Rangel / RUMBO

Published: Nov. 14, 2013

Fed up with politicians “full of talk about being pro-immigrant” and not seeing any definitive advance with comprehensive immigration reform, some groups of DREAMers have decided to take up more active tactics that not only pressure Republicans, but also those Democrats that are in favor of immigration reform.

In recent weeks, the mood among different groups of DREAMers fighting for comprehensive immigration reform has changed. While some seek immediate solutions to reunite families, other groups prefer to continue their struggle in a more discrete manner. They are establishing political relationships to keep comprehensive immigration reform from dying and to achieve some type of legalization for the more than 11 million undocumented people living in this country.

In the last few weeks, groups like NIYA (National Immigrant Youth Alliance) and La TUYA (Texas Undocumented Youth Alliance) have organized demonstrations and visits to the offices of various Democratic congress members. They are demanding help and intervention in cases of DREAMers that are currently facing deportation or that are seeking to re-enter the country under humanitarian asylum.

These actions have not been very popular among some Democratic politicians. In Houston, for example, the struggle to free 19-year old DREAMer Francisco Hernández from the Houston Contract Detention Facility was brought to the doorstep of Democratic congressman Gene Green. Activists from La TUYA, Houston UNIDO, and Alianza Mexicana accompanied members of Hernández’s family to ask that Green intervene in his case, but Green declined. The congressman insisted that it was out of his power to make a call or write a letter in support of Hernández. The activists continued to pressure Green, but members of his staff shut the doors on the family and activists. Francisco was released on November 12th without the assistance of Green’s office. Continue reading